Producing your lib’ digital textbook

➊ InDesign

  • Lib’ technology works using Indesign CS5 files as source material.
  • Conversion of a textbook to lib’ takes from 5 to 10 day.
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➋ The lib’ database

  • Easily add into your textbooks your own extra material (audio, video, flash...).
  • Accessible via numerous web services which enable easy connection to other systems or applications.

➌ Installation and setting up

  • Setting up lib’ includes 5 days of technical assistance on site for getting the production process under way.

➍ Multi-platform digital broadcasting

Media synchronization

1 account = 1 multi-platform synchronizable access.

For all browsers and all systems

  • Internet Explorer 7 and Sup, Firefox, Safari, Chrome
  • Mac (OSX10.4 and Sup)
  • Windows (XP, Vista, 7)
  • Linux Ubuntu
  • Tablets (iPad, Androïd)
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    • Technical Assistance – Hotline

      All clients’ requests made by email will be responded to within 48 hours.
      Belin’s range of intervention will cover the following areas (references are to the lib’ diagram above):

      • the extension (plugin) (I)
      • the automated processing (I)
      • the publisher’s extra material (II)
      • the final result (III) in terms of the way in which
        • production tools are integrated into InDesign
        • extra material is integrated by the publisher
        • the printed pages appear in digital form
    • An ongoing technology

      • Any developments or updates to lib’ are automatically available to all clients.
      • Your lib’ website is customized to your house style